BA Good Person with BA Ten Fidy

            Alex Aviles came across a thread on social media discussing the high cost of an Oskar Blues beer, Bourbon Barrel Aged Ten Fidy. Reading through the comments stirred something up inside…he knew this beer was worth every penny people were spending on it, why not turn that into something good?  Alex had been trying to plan an event of some sorts for his restaurant’s keg of Ten Fidy, and finally, he knew what that something was…raise money for cancer.

            His restaurant, Whym Craft Beer Café, is located on Route 1 in Portsmouth, NH. His beer-enthusiast Chef, ‘beertenders’, and line cooks work together as a family to bring a diverse draft line up and beer infused food.  Whym’s focus is to bring good beer to good people.

Their event is now on Facebook called “BA Good Person with BA Ten Fidy.” Visit Whym and “pay what you want” for a pour of this beloved beer. They are serious…pay what YOU want. ALL of it goes to cancer research. PLUS…if you donate $25 or more, you’ll be entered to win an Oskar Blues gift. The “pay what you want” event runs from February 7th to the 13th (or until the keg kicks).

            Why cancer research? When asked why he chose cancer research, Alex’s reply was simple, it affects everyone in some way. “My family has been affected by cancer, my friends, our guests at Whym. It’s terrible, it’s heartbreaking. If we can raise money for something, we want it to be for cancer research.” 

Alex Aviles, owner of Whym.

            If you like beer and good karma, be sure to head to Whym.


-Gretchin Aviles
(Pretend reporter. Real beer drinker.)

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